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The ABX Summer 2019 meeting

The first ABX meeting took place at The Eden Project in Cornwall on July 11–12 2019.

Watch the video here

Over 40 antibiotic discovery researchers attended to share their expertise, build connections, and discuss ideas for current and future research. The resulting connections established from these discussions show promise for fruitful and meaningful research, with the aim to accelerate the rate of antibiotic discovery by overcoming bottlenecks in the pipeline, and the eventual introduction of new antibiotics.

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Presentations from the first ABX meeting


Introduction to the ABX Meeting

Professor Mat Upton – University of Plymouth 00:00:10


Antimicrobial Peptides

Professor Mat Upton – University of Plymouth 00:01:01


Good Drugs for Bad Bugs: Finding New Antibiotics for Tuberculosis

Dr Jonathan Cox – Aston University 00:12:51


DNA Topoisomerases as Targets for Antibacterial Chemotherapy

Professor Tony Maxwell – John Innes Centre, Norwich 00:27:29

Bioprospecting for Novel, Natural Product-Based Antibiotics from Deep-Sea Sponges

Dr Catherine Back – University of Bristol 00:38:25


Metagenomic Sample Selection: A Guided Approach to Natural Product Discovery?

PhD Student Sam Williams – University of Bristol 00:51:23

DNA Quadruplexes as Targets for Antimicrobial Gene Regulation

Dr Christopher O'Kane – Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge 01:02:46

Integrative Structural Biology of Tripartite Efflux-Pumps and the Cell Envelope in Gram-Negative Bacteria

Dr Vassiliy Bavro – University of Essex 01:13:51

Understanding Mechanisms of Antibiotic Toxicity and Searching for New Antimicrobials

Dr Mark Shepherd – University of Kent 01:31:25

Biologics Drug Discovery – Developing Alternative Therapeutics and Novel Diagnostics for Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Dr Soumya Palliyil – University of Aberdeen 01:41:57

Green Pharmacy in Antibiotic Development – Prolonging Efficacy by Prioritising Compounds Least Likely to Select for Resistance

Dr Aimee Murray – University of Exeter 01:55:00

Pheromone Based Communication in Enterococci

PhD Student Amy Sterling – Ulster University 02:03:35

Cell-Free Synthetic Biology for Natural Products

Dr Simon Moore – University of Kent 02:10:38

Cross-Resistance and Collateral Sensitivity Between Clinical Antibiotics and Natural Antimicrobials, The Case of Cornish Seaweeds

Dr Michiel Vos – University of Exeter 02:23:11

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